Łukasz Kroplewski

Łukasz Kroplewski

Lawyer, mediator, Executive MBA graduate. Vice-President of the Management Board for Development supervises and coordinates the Company's operations in the area of innovative and development projects carried out with the participation of PGNiG SA, is responsible for recognizing and monitoring the opportunities for obtaining EU funds to finance the Company's operations, supervising the Company's standardisation activities, developing technical assumptions and regulations, norms and standards applicable to gas industry, activities of the Central Measurement and Testing Laboratory Branch, and the operation of foreign representations of the Company in Kiev and Vysokoye.

Representations by Mr Łukasz Kroplewski as of 17.10.2018

Mr Łukasz Kroplewski, Vice-President of the PGNiG SA Management Board for Development, represents that his immediate family members neither are employed nor work on the basis of other legal relationship for PGNiG SA or PGNiG Group companies.

Mr Łukasz Kroplewski represents that he currently also holds functions in the following entities:

PGNiG Supply&Trading GmbH - 100% interest held by PGNiG SA – Member of the Supervisory Board since 18 February 2016, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board since 5 April 2018, designated by the General Meeting of Shareholders of PST;

PGNiG Upstream Norway AS - 100% shares held by PGNiG SA – Member of the Board of Directors since 19.02.2016, designated by the General Meeting of Shareholders of PGNiG UN;

Chamber of Gas Industry – President of the Management Board since 03.2017, designated by PGNiG SA;

Polish Chamber of Commerce – Counsellor of the Polish Chamber of Commerce since 05.2017, designated by the IGG;

International Centre of Excellence on Coal Mine Methane (ICE - CMM Poland) – Chairman of the Board since 05.2017, designated by PGNiG SA;

Member of the UNECE Coal Mine Methane Expert Group since 07.2016, designated by PGNiG SA;

Vice-Chairman of the UNECE Gas Expert Group since 03.2018, designated by the Ministry of Energy;

Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Aviation since 08.2017, appointed by the Minister of Development;

He fulfills all the functions without remuneration.