Privacy policy

1 Our responsibility

We take your privacy seriously and will process your personal data in accordance with our legal obligations. By personal data we mean any information relating to you, e.g. your name, address and telephone number.

PGNiG acts as controller with regards to the personal data we collect through our site, meaning that we are responsible for the lawfulness of the processing. If you have any questions relating to data protection and privacy, please contact our privacy coordinator on

2 Personal data we collect about you

2.1 Just visiting the webpage

PGNiG's website uses cookies to improve the quality of its communications services provided via the Internet.

Cookies allow us to obtain statistics on our website's usage and the parts of it which are particularly popular with visitors. This information helps us better meet our stakeholders' expectations in the area of communications.

By continuing to use the website without any changes to your browser's settings, you accept the use of cookies. 

We would also like to inform you that you can change your browser's settings at any time, to limit the use of cookies for specific websites or for all of the web resources you view.

If you would like to change your browser's settings, please click on this link to see detailed instructions.

2.2 Contacting us

We will never collect more information about you than what you give us. When you contact us we will store the contact information you give us along with your inquiry. The data you give us will only be processed for the purpose of processing and responding to your inquiry, and will not be transferred outside EU/EEA without your approval.

Your data will be deleted as soon as your inquiry is processed and no later than 6 months after we have received it.

We encourage you not to send us any sensitive or special categories of personal data via e-mail, as e-mail is not sufficiently secure.

3 Your rights

You have several rights regarding your privacy. This includes the right to information, access to the data, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, data portability and the right to object to the processing. You will find more information on these rights on the webpage to The Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

In order to exercise these rights you must contact our privacy coordinator on will get back to you no later than one month after we receive your request.

4 Complaints

If you have any complaints regarding our handling of your personal data, you can send a complaint to the Data Protection Authorities. More information at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority webpage.


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