PGNiG Upstream Norway AS's HSEQ Policy

PGNiG Upstream Norway AS's policy is to operate in a systematic and controlled manner, integrating health, safety and environment into our day-to-day business activities; causing no harm to people's life and health, the environment or to financial assets. We recognise that our performance is highly dependent on the quality of the work we are doing, as individuals and as a team.

The key elements to support our policy are to:

  • Carry out work in compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Align our HSEQ work to the company's strategy and to the Group's strategic work
  • Communicate the importance of the HSEQ to meet stakeholder's requirements
  • Have HSEQ as a line management responsibility, where each manager is accountable for HSEQ within his/her area 
  • Care for own life and health 
  • Care for our colleagues, stakeholders and the natural environment
  • Educate and train our personnel within HSEQ and their professional skills
  • Integrate risk and uncertainty assessments into our decision processes
  • Be centred on preventive rather than corrective actions
  • Seek improvements in what we do, at all levels
  • Select partners, suppliers and contractors that manage their activity in line with our policy
  • Be active participants in associated forums