Strategic Objectives


The overarching strategic objective pursued by the PGNiG Group is to achieve a shareholder value growth. The measures that are undertaken by the PGNiG Group to accomplish this objective are to expand in the domestic gas market and strengthen the Group's presence in selected markets abroad. The PGNiG Group strives to become an increasingly more modern organisation, operating as a streamlined and optimised capital group, managed by objectives and being project-oriented.

PGNiG Upstream Norway AS
The strategic objectives of PGNiG Upstream Norway AS are linked to the Group's policy. These objectives are:

PGNiG Upstream Norway AS will accomplish this through:

  • Acquisitions and licence applications - PGNiG Upstream Norway AS will grow by acquiring additional production licences and exploring for hydrocarbons on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).
  • Operation and development - PGNiG Upstream Norway AS shall be an Operator on the NCS. The company shall develop and produce resources from PGNiG operated fields and contribute to development of non-operated licences and fields.
  • Infrastructural projects - PGNiG Upstream Norway AS will engage in infrastructure projects to the extent necessary to secure transportation of products to the market.
  • Access to liquid markets - PGNiG Upstream Norway AS will participate in the liquid oil and gas markets.